GEC 84 batch
84 batch Idiots
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Dear friends New Family activities video uploaded on 19 January 2010. Check in Online Videos sub-menu
Please ensure that you have adobe player 9 or lator, Good system preferably core-2duo. I delibrately kept bitrate low for Indian bandwidth conditions. You need atleast 400 kbps download speed for smoth viewing. test your speed at,
Mostly all Indian providers have average speed more than 600 kbps(Except Wireless/EVDO and unlimited plan owner ).Pls provide your feedback in Guestbook or mail to me at  in case of problem.
Please mail me at in case of prob. viewing .
Many-2 Thanks to our friends at Jabalpur and other cities especially Manoj jain, Deepak, Nikhil, Prassanna, Rakesh Gupta, Shailesh Yadav and many more.This is an adhoc arrangement soon we will place all material(Videos and Photographs) on a dedicated site